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Partnering is a key component of Nixperience's business strategy of delivering affordable and reliable server and network services, communications and security infrastructure solutions. 

Nixperience has a strong record of developing strategic partnerships with leading software providers, technology platform vendors, and systems integrators that allows us to combine to our experience and resources with the expertise of strategic partners to enrich the customer experience and add even greater value to our customized solutions. 

Our close alliances yet independence from the major players in the Linux market ensure that we can provide the best advice and solutions to our customers.

If you would like more information about partnering Nixperience, please write to us with your specific areas of interest to partners[AT]


Nixperience encourages the resale of our products and services. We offer resellers the ability to purchase at a significant discount. These products and services may then be resold to the general public, at a price determined by the reseller. Resellers are free to market these products and services to the public and their existing clientele with the Nixperience brand, or private label them as their own. The Nixperience Reseller Program gives you the perfect opportunity to grow in your line of business - without risk and huge capital outlay.

Nixperience offers a generic 40% discount to authorized resellers on most of our products and services. Authorized resellers may resell all of Nixperience product and service lines, including NixAssist, NixMail, NixVPN, NixVPS, Server-Based Remote Management, Time-Based Remote Management, Ad-Hoc Remote Management and Ad-Hoc On-Site Management though not all of them are applicable for the generic 40% discount.

Authorized resellers may also receive discounts on co-location, backup services, dedicated servers, spam/virus protection and customized services that are not normally shown on the pricelist. These services will be quoted directly to the authorized resellers on a per-request basis. Quotation totals will clearly indicate the final payable price, after discounts, if any. Authorized resellers are then free to resell these to the general public, at their own determined price.

Simplified Ordering Process
A Nixperience Authorized Reseller is recognized by name and is a key component of Nixperience's business strategy. As such, an entire ordering process is just an email away.

Support and Technical Expertise
Nixperience Authorized Resellers have access to our unique blend of people whom are well-trained in areas of both technical and management competence. As a "behind-the-scenes" provider, Nixperience will not directly contact any of your customers, allowing the authorized resellers to establish a mutual rapport with its clients. 

Pricing Flexibility
Nixperience Authorized Resellers are free to set their own pricing for their clients.

Register as a Nixperience Authorized Reseller and allow Nixperience to maintain the technical backend of your product and service offerings, thereby allowing you to fully concentrate on your talent of generating sales from active marketing. 

Let us begin a strategic alliance to deliver affordable and reliable server and network services, communications and security infrastructure solutions to the masses. To begin the registration process, simple draft an email to resellers[AT] with the following details:

Name of Company / Business:
Zip Code:

Contact Person:

What are your sales & marketing intentions:
Why your reseller request should be approved:


1. The authorized reseller discount is applicable for an authorized reseller's sale to end-users and other resellers. It may NOT be used for the authorized reseller's usage themselves.

2. Any purchased product or service must as a whole be sold to end-users or another unrelated party. Direct authorized reseller or end-user usage will be billed at retail, non-discounted price.

3. Authorized Reseller status is based upon approval by Nixperience's Sales Management team. This status may be revoked at any time. Any previous sales will remain discounted.

4. There is no fee to register as an Authorized Reseller though Nixperience Pte Ltd reserves the right to deny authorized reseller status to any registrant without the need for provision of any reason.

5. By submitting a registration email, you are seen to have agreed and will abide to Nixperience's Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy, Privacy Policy and AntiSpam Policy.

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Unanswered doubts and queries?

Please write to us with your specific areas of
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