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NixSurf - An On-Site Internet Proxy Solution

Ever been in a situation where you wish you were able to figure out who has been excessively surfing the Internet, on company time and using company resources?

Do you know that at least 25% of Internet bandwidth is wasted due to needless downloads and surfing?

Do you know that it is now the business owner's responsibility to ensure that employees do not download any copyright material from the Internet? i.e. movies, video, mp3, software etc.

Do you know that at least 5% of business hours are lost due to leisure Internet surfing for pornography, job searches, personal emails and instant messengers?

Here's the solution to all your Internet woes ...


  NixSurf - Key Benefits

- Fast and secure connections
- Easy for the remote customer - even novice users
- No installation required for the remote customer
- Cost-effective and all-inclusive - no hidden costs

  NixSurf - Total Access Control

NixSurf allows one to completely define the parameters of Internet surfing within the organization. Control WHO is allowed to surf the Internet, WHERE he/she is allowed to surf the Internet, WHEN he/she is allowed to surf the Internet and HOW he/she is to surf the Internet

  NixSurf - Simplicity at its very Best

Hassle free control - define which sites you would will like to allow and which sites you would like to block and ban.

  NixSurf - Local Caching = Faster Access

NixSurf uses state-of-the-art caching techniques to cache web site data onto the hard disk so as to minimize duplicate transfers, thereby saving on bandwidth which results in an overall improvement to access times and a better Internet surfing experience.

  NixSurf - A Solution that Works!

NixSurf uses the same combination of Open Source applications that are being deployed in major Internet Server Providers (ISP). With NixSurf, you can also have the same technology located in your office.

  NixSurf - Its Supported Too...

NixSurf is backed by a team of dedicated and experienced professionals. You can always rely upon the Nixperience support engineers to turn your complex requirement into a reality ...

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