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Uses QMAIL as the backend Mail Transport Agent. Qmail is a modern MTA with capabilties of handling millions of messages per hour

POP3/S ::
Pop3 and pop3/s access allows downloads of mail through any standard email client

IMAP/S access allows offline download and synchronization of emails through any standard email client

Web access to emails in case users are to access emails way from their workstations

Authenticated SMTP ::
Allows users to carry out relay based on their creditials

Linux Operating System :: Stripped down version of Linux OS for optimal performance

Web Based Administration ::
User and Administrator web based control panel for easy account administration

Virus Scanning ::
Emails are scanned for viruses using the ClamAV virus engine

Malicious Attachments ::
Blocking of emails with forbidden attachments i.e. EXE, COM, BAT, CMD

NixMailMX - An On-Site Dedicated Email Solution

Following the success of NixMail, the dedicated resource email solution, Nixperience is pleased to announce the release of NixMailMX - An On-Site Dedicated Email Solution.

Based on the same fundamentals as the original NixMail solution, NixMailMX allows you and your colleagues to enjoy a trouble-free email experience. Emails are important in daily communications and having a reliable, robust and sturdy email infrastructure has become an essential communication need.


  NixMailMX - Dedicated Resources - Always

NixMailMX leverages on the same suite of Open Source solutions that has been such a success, to deliver an email solution that provides with you with DEDICATED RESOURCES at all times.

With NixMailMX, your emails are HOSTED IN YOUR OFFICE on a DEDICATED SERVER, especially set aside for email communications for you and your colleagues.

  NixMailMX - Key Benefits

- Combines the benefits of virtual hosting and a dedicated server
- Enjoy privacy, security and performance at an affordable cost
- Customizable for all your needs
- Your own DEDICATED SERVER for your needs at all times

  NixMailMX - Unsurpassed Features

- IMAP/POP3 Access
- Authenticated SMTP
- Anti-virus and Spam Protection
- Malicious Attachment Protection
- Webmail Access (SquirrelMail, Horde IMP)
- Multiple Client Support (eg. Outlook, Thunderbird etc.)
- Web based Administration (Administrator, User)
- Optional Add-On :: Multiple Domain Support

  NixMailMX - Reliable Infrastructure

- Active server hardware monitoring and maintenance
- Active server operating system management
- Control panel management and administration
- Optional :: Deployment on RAID arrays

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