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NixAssist - A Remote Assistance Solution

Ever been in a situation where you wish you were able to control the keyboard and mouse of the remote computer? Ever tried trying to guide a friend, colleague or customer through the process of trying to diagnose, troubleshoot and fix a computer problem over the phone, email or online instant messenger?

If you have, then you must know the pain and effort that is required to carefully explain to the other party the exact meaning of your instructions, "at the bottom right hand corner, near the date etc.."
The frustration of having to guide someone remotely ...

Various utilities exist that allow one person to remotely connect to another's computer, but they're often cumbersome and use insecure, open connections, requiring complicated installations and configurations that are rarely worth the trouble. Even the simplest of these programs will not work through a corporate or home firewall installed with most broadband connections and worst still, they require more technical knowledge to get these facilities working i.e. port forward, port mapping etc.


  NixAssist - Key Benefits

- Fast and secure connections
- Easy for the remote customer - even novice users
- No installation required for the remote customer
- Cost-effective and all-inclusive - no hidden costs

  NixAssist - How it works

Technical Guru (HelpDesk)
- Download the Guru client and complete the GUI install
- Download the Guru VNC client and complete the GUI install
- Run the Guru client and connect to the NixAssist servers
- Wait for a connection ...

Person Requesting Help (Customer)
- Download the EXE file as instructed by your Technical Guru
- Double-click the EXE file and authorize remote connection

That's all ...

Technical Guru is now connected and is able to remotely control the keyboard and mouse of the remote machine.

  NixAssist - Instant access from any Internet connection

NixAssist is a simple and inexpensive service that allows one to temporarily connect to the remote computer and take over control of the mouse and keyboard, all via the Internet. If you and the party can connect to the Internet, then you are able to use NixAssist.

  NixAssist - Simplicity at its very Best

For the person requesting help, there is nothing to install, no settings to configure, no usernames or passwords, and no external factors to worry about. NixAssist takes care of it all. NixAssist has been pre-configured and pre-programmed for a hassle free connection.

  NixAssist - Uncompromising Security

At the backend, NixAssist uses a secure 128/256 bit encryption. After completing a session, the technical guru clicks the disconnect button and the person requesting help simply needs delete and trash the single EXE file so that no further connections can be made.

  NixAssist - A Solution that Works!

NixAssist connections are all routed through our secure servers. It is able to handle connections behind corporate and home firewalls alike without the need for any pre-configuration. Simply connect - no hassle - no worries. NixAssist works!

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